Curriculum Vitae

I am Andy Bayer.

I was born in summer as the son of my parents. My parents are my Dad and my Mum. I have two more family members, what I need to explain: I am the brother of my sister and at the same time the brother of my brother. Awesome, isn’t it?

When I was tree or four I went to kindergarten/preschool. Then I was sent to school. Then I finished school.

My hobbies were handball, volleyball, swimming, dancing (standard), going to cinema and disco (rock).

Then I went to the US. First I have been working as a coworker in Philadephia, then I visited my godmother in Ottawa. Then I did my civil service in a school in Stuttgart working as a groundskeeper or „maid-of-all-work“.

To figure out what I want to do until going on pension I did all kind of work. I have been working as a transport driver, barman, grill-cooker, digital design trainee, shoe salesman and quite often selling gas on a gas station.

After a couple of years I realised that a real job (you need an education for) is the thing I should gor for. So I started to study software-engineering. Well in school I was quite good in math, but the level on study was too high. I could not close that gap quick enough so I aborted.

Hmm, you might say as well, that the german law on support in education did not want me to support, why I had to work a lot at the largest beer garden at lake constance. But because that sounds too much as an excusement you choose the story you like.

After stranded as a student I was looking for a new city learning a new profession. So I became a Media Artist for Digital- and Printmedia with focus on Design in Berlin.

Finishing the 3-year education I realised that this business was not waiting for me. Thousand of Media Artists were looking for work. You either were in the lucky position of being in a big company or you had to have plenty connections to be able to work as a Media Artist. I had none of it.

Thats why I did not refuse work in other jobs. So I was working as a landscape gardener and as a lifeguard in an outdoor public pool. Being a lifeguard I had to celebrate Sauna infusions. That was hard work on a hot place.

But I am also interested in working as a radio host (being paid for talking trash: awesome!) or as a chauffeur… No, I never wanted to be an astronaut. I want to be able to get out at any time. Being locked up in a space capsule – well, thats like being in jail because of robbing a bank…

Hmmm, robbing a bank… ?

I gotta go.