in english

Real Friendship

it’s a pain if you see how close it could be
between the truth and the fuckin fake reality
do you care about money and your career
you need to cross the line in your soul right here

on one hand good money and so called friends
not having no idea at what point does it end
on the other hand you got a depressing poor life
with having no money, no car and no wife

in a world where real friendship does not exist
if that is not a reason for getting real pissed

Why (R.I.P.)

Please tell me what is life, what is it all about
does it somehow make sense? I do have my doubt
does Godfather somehow lead us? then explain me the fact
for what reason is he taking so many children back
why do they have to suffer til they finally die
please, somebody answers me the simple question WHY

Is Life a Bitch

Party after party is passing you by
Every time you are so far away
In real life you’ll never fit in
No pleasure, no pain, no love and no sin

Nothing is gonna change as long as you’re not rich
I can’t help myself but life is a bitch